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General Questions

Q: Can you do a ( insert idea here ) cake? Have you done one before?


A: I'll need to see what you have in mind to know for sure, so uploading a picture when you fill out your information will help me know exactly what you have in mind...But at this point I'm pretty sure that I can tackle almost anything! If you don't have a preference regarding the final design of your cake- for example, if you just want a pink Minnie Mouse cake to serve 30 guests and are open to pretty much anything- that works too, just make sure you let me know a little about your budget so I'll know how far to go.


Q: I don't really know what I want, can I meet up with you to talk about it?


A: This is a really difficult subject to navigate, I won't lie. It is almost impossible to talk to a client about an order if they don't know what they want. I can tell you my opinion or suggestions, but they're going to be my opinions, and I'm not the one planning the event.


I'm much more interested in getting you what will make you happy, but I have to know what that is before I can really make any progress, or even start gathering together some advice. If you can begin by sending me some pictures of cakes that have caught your eye, you'll be surprised by how much easier things will be.


Q: Can you make a cake without fondant?

A: Yes. I can make lots of cakes without fondant. To make sure I can make your cake without fondant, I'll need to see the design.


Q: If we do this cake in buttercream instead of fondant, will it look the same?

A: Nope.


That's not to say that it won't still look good. I would never advise you to make that choice if the end product would be unattractive or structurally unsound. I can give you examples of what to expect if you change from one to the other. I like to think of it as the difference between a metal spoon and a wooden spoon...even if they are both crafted well and work wonderfully, they don't look the same. The same goes for a fondant covered cake versus a cake finished in buttercream.


Q: I have my heart set on this particular design but I want ( insert request here ) instead. Is that possible?


A: That will depend a great deal on the design. I can review the design and give you my best estimate of what we can do, and what we can't do, based on your individual requests and preferences. If we reach an impasse- if I cannot fulfill your design needs based on the guidelines you've provided, and if all attempts to compromise have been examined and exhausted- then we won't be able to move forward with the order.


Q: I don't know how many guests I'm having, but I want my cake to be the same size as the one you did for my sister last August. Can you tell me how much it will be?


A: I wish I could! My memory isnt bad, but it isn't good either- and if the cake in question is a design that I've done a few times with only minor changes (size, text, etc) from client to client, I can almost guarantee you that I have no idea what size the cake in question happened to be. When you get an estimate on the number of guests at your event, I'll be happy to review your information and get you a quote.


Q: I don't know how many people are coming to my event. Should I just guess and we can go from there?


A: No.


An accurate guest count can help you with everything from how much cake you need to how big your venue should be. It can save you time and money in the long run by cutting down on waste- nobody wants to buy food or set up chairs for 20 people who aren't coming, right?- or avoid the embarrassment of running out of food/drink/space in the middle of your event. In my experience, if you start with a guess, you'll most likely have to guess again, and maybe even guess a third or fourth time between the time of your order and the time of your event. Taking the time to develop a good guest count will serve you well throughout the entire planning process.


If you still feel the need to guess, please be prepared to stick with that guess if changes to the order cannot be made due to time restraints or lack of availability.


Q: I have a cake ordered for Saturday but it's supposed to snow/my child has the flu/I'm not sure if anyone is coming to the party. What is the last day I can tell you about whether or not I'll need the cake? 


A: I require 72 hours' notice on most cancellations. In some cases (regarding large events/orders), more notice may be required; all deadlines for cancellation/reschedule will be clearly disclosed at the time of ordering in your order confirmation email. 

Questions About Pricing


Q: How much do you charge?


A: Almost every cake I make is different, and each one gets its own price. In order to obtain a price estimate, please provide me with the basics outlined in the "order a cake" tab on the homepage, and I'll be happy to get you a number based on the details that you provide. I will have to have your specific order information to quote an accurate price.


Q: I want to order a cake and I want it to be really special, but I'll need you to work with me on the price. Can you do that?


A: If you have a specific price in mind that you need to stay around or under, it will help tremendously if you are honest and up front about that number. Everyone has a budget that they should probably be sticking to. There's no shame in that at all. Letting me know will help me determine if the design you've chosen is doable for your price point, and if it isn't, what changes we can make to get you somewhere in the ballpark of what you want to pay. That being said, ordering a cake and haggling a price at a yard sale are not the same thing. If you can be nice, be respectful, and be as willing to compromise as you expect me to be, I can do my reasonable best to get you a beautiful, well crafted, nicely designed piece that fits your budget.


Q: Why do cookies seem expensive?


A: I believe that most customers think of cookies differently, considering them more of a cute little extra or a decoration than an actual serving of dessert. This may affect the attitude towards pricing. I don't mind making them at all- I enjoy it most of the time, in fact- but the average cookie takes several minutes of hands-on work to decorate completely. Each. That does not include overall drying time, usually a minimum of 12-18 hours before cookies can be safely boxed and sent out. The labor involved drives the price point. 

Questions About Messaging and Scheduling

Messaging and Scheduling

Q: When can I expect a reply to my order/question?


A: Within 24 hours of receipt, Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm. For example, if you send me a message on a Thursday at 3 pm, the worst case scenario would be Friday by 3 pm. It is my intention to handle messages as promptly as possible, but it is much easier to sit down once or twice a day to get them knocked out all at once versus stopping and starting for each individual message. The time I spend booking orders and handling questions is very small compared to what I need to invest in sending out beautiful cakes, so I have to budget my time wisely!


Q: I sent you a message/submitted an order already but I need to get an answer right now. Should I text/call or message you again?


A: Please don't. I answer messages within 24 hours of receipt, Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm, in the order that they are received. Duplicate messages in multiple formats slow down the process for everyone.


Q: I sent you an order on Saturday night and haven't received a response. It is now Monday morning. What should I do? Did you get my order or not?


A: My Saturdays and Sundays are generally the busiest days of the bakery week, and I usually don't have the opportunity to sit down and give scheduling and pricing inquiries the undivided attention that they deserve on those days. I will respond to messages received on Saturday/Sunday/Monday promptly on Tuesday, starting at 10 am, in the order that they are received. If I have the opportunity to pick up your message early I will certainly do so- it will be less to catch up on later, after all!- but I have a responsibility to my clients at hand first and foremost. That is definitely a two way street; you can rest assured that when it is time for your cake to go out, I will not be spending time designated for your order to answer questions or book other orders.


Q: I booked my cake for Sunday, can I get it Friday instead?


A: If I have the opening in my schedule to have it ready early, sure, but some days and dates are less flexible than others. The more notice I get, the better the odds are that we'll be able to work something out.


Q: How soon do I need to let you know for sure about my order?

A: I would recommend booking as soon as you have your details together. There isn't a hard and fast rule to follow, I'm afraid... I book orders until I don't have any space left in my schedule, and every date is different. Some dates fill up really quickly, others are less popular. Availability is monitored and updated promptly as my schedule fills up, so waiting an extra couple of days may be the difference between cake and no cake.


Q: Are you still good to make my cake next month?


A: I get this question a lot. I do not cancel orders unless you specifically contact me to cancel your order. They don't disappear on their own. It is my general practice to confirm all orders when I make my schedule for the week, which usually is complete by Monday evening at the latest, so I will be in touch with you the week of your order. If you have questions regarding your order status, your order confirmation email has all of the details that I have regarding date/time/place, and none of that will change unless you decide to initiate a change. 

Wedding Questions


Q: I need some information about my order that I don't have with me, can you tell me ( insert detail request here ) right now? I don't remember what we said and my florist/wedding planner/decorator needs to know.


A: All of the information I have for your order is included in your order confirmation email. I would check there first; it might be a good idea to forward them the email and see if that covers it. If your question isn't answered there, shoot me a text. It may take a bit for me to get to a point where I can sit down with your order and figure out what's going on, but I'll definitely do my best.


Q: Do I need a cake stand?


A: That's totally up to you. Some people like the look of an elevated cake, others don't care a bit about it. Your order confirmation email contains the maximum size that your cake board will be, so if you do choose to use a stand, use those measurements to make sure it will fit... Just make sure the stand is sturdy and level! You'll probably be cutting and serving off of the stand as well, so sturdy and level are important for looks and safety.


Q: What about the flowers on this cake in the picture I sent, do you handle those?


A: I can make large blooms out of fondant and price them for you individually depending on their size and complexity. If your cake features fresh flowers, you'll need to visit a with a florist about them; there are several very talented floral designers in the area that can dress your cake with fresh flowers for you. If you are using artificial flowers that you have purchased (silks, burlap, paper, etc), I can place those for you if you'll drop them off a few days before your event.


Q: Do you handle buying my cake topper/ordering it for me/storing it until the wedding? Can I bring it to you ahead of time?


A: No, no no no. If I did, I would have many of them on hand at any time, and it would be extremely difficult to keep them all organized. Some are very fragile and delicate. I am notoriously clumsy. You'll be happier with the outcome if you handle that part yourself, I guarantee it.


Q: I've gotten quotes from other bakeries and the sizes they suggest are not the same as yours, why is that?


A: When I put together those numbers for you, I combine standard estimates for servings per tier size with my own personal experience regarding how accurately a cake is actually cut, and then determine what size your cake needs to be based on the design you've chosen and the number of guests you've estimated. More often than not, I size more generously than what is considered standard. You are not being charged for the difference between what the cake chart says and what happens in real life.


Q: When will you bake my cake? Are you going to freeze it? Is it going to be stale?


A: I can only assume you've fallen prey to some clickbait horror story about wedding cakes being baked and frozen for weeks before the event. These are almost always exaggerations, and nothing to be concerned about. I am not going to send you a stale cake, an old cake, a dry cake, or a freezerbitten cake. I work hard to make sure that you get a beautiful product from corner to crumb. Your cake will be baked, decorated, stored, and delivered (if applicable) respectfully and responsibly, with the utmost care and consideration afforded to the overall quality of the finished product.


Q: Can I have someone pick up my cake instead of paying to have it delivered?

A: Absolutely. I can provide you with detailed written instructions and loads of advice about how to get your cake safely from one place to the next, based on the bunches and bunches of successful cake deliveries I have under my belt. I will have you sign a waiver acknowledging that you have received instructions on what to do to transport your cake safely, and that I am not responsible for anything that happens to your cake once it leaves my hands. Anyone can safely transport a cake as long as they prioritize correctly and follow the instructions...but it is definitely serious business, and should not be taken lightly. The difference between total success and complete failure can definitely come down to the delivery. 

Random Questions


Q: Can you get some ( insert item here ) to put on my cake/cupcakes?


A: You bet. Here's the kicker: I don't do price comparisons or any bargain hunting when it comes to doodads that get ordered online or purchased in-store. If you want plastic rings/edible images/rock candy sticks, or anything else that I can't make myself, I simply buy what will look the best and what is the most convenient for me to get my hands on, and then tack that cost onto your final price (with an attached copy of the receipt, of course). If you want some say-so regarding how much it might end up costing, you're always more than welcome to purchase the doodads and drop them off with me, or have them shipped straight to the shop.


Q: Do you make cake pops? What do you not make?


A: No. I don't do cake pops or petit fours- both taste gross and look bad (or they do when I make them, anyway). There are many other options out there that look nice, taste nice, and don't cost a fortune that I can help you with...but if you're only in the market for cake pops, or just petit fours, I'm not your girl.


Also of note, I only sell finished pieces. No undecorated sugar cookies, no plain cakes that are not iced, no crumb coated cakes, etc are available for sale. It's either finished- looks perfectly fine and completely acceptable to serve as it is- or it doesn't go out. The same goes for fondant accents, handmade figures, edible toppers, or other decorations. If there isn't a finished cake for me to attach them to, they can't be sold on their own.


Q: How do I cut my cake/advise my designated person on how to cut my cake?


A: The best advice I can give you is to familiarize yourself with a standard cake cutting guide. This will help you get an idea of what a serving size is, and how each cake size is organized into servings. Nobody cuts cake perfectly- I've cut a lot of cakes, and still struggle a bit from time to time- but being knowledgeable about the task will help tremendously. It may also be to your (or their) advantage to watch a YouTube tutorial on the topic.


Remember, if your cake is cut incorrectly it will not yield the correct amount of servings, so choosing the correct person, and the correct tools for this job, are important as well. A responsible adult is your best bet. A good knife helps as well; some of the decorative sets commonly found in your local wedding aisle are somewhat blunt and clumsy, which can make cutting difficult and inaccurate. I prefer to switch to a large, sharp blade without serrations after a ceremonial cut is made with decorative serving pieces (when applicable), but that's just me!


Q: My child has ideas about what he/she wants their cake to look like. If they draw it out, can you make it?


A: Yes.


But, I probably need to bring this up... In my opinion, there are two things that work together to make a cake look nice: the design, and the quality of the work. If the design is bad, I can work my tail off on it and the cake will only look as good as the design. What I usually see go wrong is that kids like to incorporate lots, and lots, and lots of stuff on their cakes, which can end up being unattractive (and expensive). We may have to do a little compromising in order to get the best result.


Q: What's the best part about your job?


A: Definitely the parking. If I have cake in the vehicle, I can park anywhere I want for an almost indefinite amount of time. There is something very liberating about it. (I attempt to use this power only for good, but am not always successful.) 

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